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An Invitation To Intimacy

Updated: Apr 12

The juice dripped down my fingers as they gently touched his lips. I worried that the rind might be too much for him to chew, so when I fed him the next piece, I broke it in half and pulled the flesh from the rind before placing it in his mouth. He chewed slowly and deliberately, confirmation that he was still conscious and functioning, despite the gaping head wound and blood pooling on the ground.

“The ambulance is coming. Do you hear the sirens?”

The juice dripped to my stomach and rolled down my side as he squeezed the piece of nectarine above my belly. I squealed and squirmed as he placed the piece of nectarine on my stomach and tried to capture it with his tongue and lips. He finally caught it and licked up the remaining web of trails left by the juice. He licked his lips sweetly and took one last slurp of juice pooled in my belly button.

“Perfectly ripe. Want another piece?"

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