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My Essence

Hello everyone,

Continuing from last time, today's discussion will also focus on impermanence. Please join me. In our sessions, I often pose the ultimate question: "Who am I?" This is a crucial question in SONOMAMA (as-it-is-ness) practice.

Our Essence is Impermanence

Our essence is like a flow that doesn't stay fixed in one place or form. Buddhism teaches us about impermanence, the concept that everything is constantly changing. Similarly, modern physics, especially quantum physics, shows that matter does not have a fixed form or location and is always in motion. This teaches us that we, too, are not fixed entities but part of this changing flow.

The Cause of Doubt and Suffering

Doubts, confusions, and sufferings in our minds often arise from a fixed self-image, the "ego." This ego is just a concept, a fantasy created in our minds. Believing that we are solid, unchanging entities can lead to internal unrest and interpersonal issues. However, if we know ourselves as a phenomenon, continually changing beings, we can let go of our attachment to the ego and regain inner peace.

The Path to Self-Understanding and Enlightenment

Realizing that we are not static entities is the beginning of true freedom. This theme is common in both Eastern and Western philosophy, various religions, and spiritual traditions. Through practices like martial arts and dance, we can also experience and deepen this fluidity of ourselves. This leads to new perspectives, creativity, and inner peace.

Application in Daily Life

Once this fluidity of the self resonates with us, a more flexible and harmonious life becomes possible. Reducing our attachment to ourselves and others improves relationships and reduces stress. By embracing and utilizing change, we can enhance creative problem-solving and more easily maintain a calm and focused state day-to-day. All there is is the way it is now.

Invitation to Practice

However, understanding this in theory alone is not enough. To deepen true understanding, experiencing it firsthand is essential. For this purpose, we sit together. Inner Sanctuary is a community that practices together. Please join us.

揺らぎ(Yuragai) 揺らぎ (yuragi) is a Japanese word that can be translated as "fluctuation" or "swaying." It often conveys a sense of subtle movement or oscillation.

Writing and image by K E I K O

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