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Sonomama at Now and Here

Updated: May 11

In the world of phenomena, various things happen based on a timeline from the past to the present and into the future. However, in reality, there is only now, and all there is is the way it is now. There is always only now, this moment. Moreover, in a sense, it is impossible to grasp even now. Although it always feels like we are heading somewhere, the truth is that, except for now, there is nowhere else, and what we are seeking is already right under our feet at this moment. So, there's no need to go anywhere, but the energy to move forward in time and space dominates us.

It causes more pain when we think it's wrong to have uncomfortable feelings. The truth is, thoughts, emotions, and sensations, no matter how negative they are, will fade away if left alone, yet we find it challenging to let them be. As in self-help techniques, trying to let go of negative things or finding and improving problem points could go in the opposite direction. It leads to eternal suffering.

I'm not saying that trying to improve the world or oneself is wrong, but there’s a trap in it. It could follow the pattern of thinking something is lacking in the present myself, something that needs improvement. The problems will never go away no matter how much time passes. You'll fall into the trap of constantly seeking problems.

Look closely at what is present right now. Without judging anything, feel what is in front of you at this moment. Eventually, you'll realize that the judgments of good or bad are just distinctions made by your mind. If you live each moment, you'll understand that things are simply happening. It's simple. The true meaning is that truth can't be divided into good or bad; the mind categorizes them as such.

Even if you try only to experience good things, inevitably, something bad will attach itself. If the pendulum swings to the right, it will inevitably swing back to the left. Instead of changing your perspective, try stopping the mental categorization. That's what you'll start to see. So, I invite you to loosen both your body and mind.

Thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations will naturally arise on their own. And there's no need to deny any of them. You do not need to let go because you're only imagining that you're holding onto something.

*Sonomama means “leaving it as-it-is” in Japanese.

Writing and Photography by K E I K O

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