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The illusion of ownership

Updated: Jun 10

Fundamentally, we cannot truly own anything. Cars, computers, houses, clothes, friends, lovers, partners, parents, and even children—we believe we own these things, but if we think deeply, we realize that true ownership is impossible.

Everything in this world is beyond our control. We cannot fully control our thoughts, emotions, or even our bodies. Yet, we believe these are our possessions.

In essence, we own nothing. Truly embracing this can transform your world. Even if your children or partner do not act as you expect, they are not your possessions. No matter how painful your emotions or thoughts may be, they are not yours.

Therefore, you must simply leave your emotions and thoughts as they are. Let them. "Let them" may sound as if you have a choice, but even that choice is not yours. Leave them untouched, just as they are. All things appear and disappear, appear and disappear, with nothing to grasp. It is like waves in the vast ocean.

If you truly grasp that you cannot own anything, your world will undoubtedly change. In reality, we own nothing.

So, I urge you to have the courage to open the tightly clenched fist. Ironically, doing so will fill your heart with peace. This is the way of the universe.

Cape Finisterre, “The end of the world”,

the end of Camino

Words and Photography by K E I K O

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