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To break free from the labyrinth of your thoughts...

When we experience unpleasant emotions or uncomfortable sensations, we often start analyzing, asking ourselves questions like "What's this feeling?" or "Why do I feel this way?" We may even attribute it to something someone said or did in the past. In this way, it's natural that the thoughts of change arise. However, we don't need to delve into these thoughts intentionally. 

Our minds have a strong habit of overthinking, almost becoming addicted to it. But in reality, thinking doesn't solve anything; it's just an after-the-fact interpretation. The body moves on its own regardless of what the mind is saying. For example, do you have any experience when you thought you would do it, but you actually didn’t do it at the moment? or have you ever had the experience that you thought you did not want to say it but said it at the moment?  The mind always generates interpretations and tries to take credit for the perceived achievements. It's as if the mind thinks, 'I' am the one who thought and acted this way. 

While humans have advanced capabilities for analysis and reflection, what we're practicing in our journey is discerning between facts and interpretations first. So, let's refrain from intentionally entering the maze of thoughts. Instead, let's practice the art of stillness, allowing ourselves to simply be. Please stop deliberately stirring our minds and just be ourselves. Eventually, how the world works will become clear, and you’ll realize it's okay just to be as you are.

Writing and Photography by K E I K O

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