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We Are Huayruro

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Thanks for passing the talking piece to me Monica.

That concludes our introduction round, and a rich round it was. With we hope you get a sense of who we are as individuals, and what is present when we share space collectively.

This is what we offer you.

We are a group that is devoted to living our practice. We are a group that is devoted to questioning our identities and labels. Are these identity labels truly the things that define us, or are they traps and bars confining into a limited experience, separating ourselves from others? We are a group that recognizes that when we point fingers at others, there are three fingers pointing back at ourselves.

The power of that 3:1 ratio is not lost on us. Our accusations of others bind us three times over, just as our expressions of acceptance, respect, and love for another feeds ourselves three times over. Which manner of expression do we seek to manifest?

We are a group that recognizes that, as our elder Grace Lee Boggs put so well, in order to transform the world we must transform ourselves. The contents of our chairs contain plenty of work upon which we can and need to focus. To that end we are a group that is willing to sit with the difficulties life presents us. We do so knowing that the rivers, mountains, trees, birds, and other beings feed our capacity to do so. We are a group that thanks the rivers, mountains, trees, birds, and other beings for such a gift. We are a group that recognizes our ancestors and those that come after us are with us here and now. We honor all our relations deeply, and also thank them for sitting with us as we work on the contents of our chairs.

We are dancers, advocates, healing, creatures born of destructive systems, musicians, explorers, coaches, nurturers, healers, family members, lovers, dreamers of healthier systems, philosophers, nature lovers, fighters, learners, fisherpeople, listeners, imperfect, mathematicians, counselors, indebted, plant lovers, spiritual, of this world and beyond, circle people.

We Are Huayruro

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