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What are the benefits of Inner Sanctuary?

It has been almost a year and a half since this meditation community started. Recently, the participants had a chance to reflect on their experiences. We discussed the following questions: what is your experience? Do you see any change?

In summary, SONOMAMA (as-it-is) practice of meditation fosters inner peace, emotional stability, and healthy relationships. Group support enhances individual growth, and self-acceptance leads to personal development. This holistic approach helps maintain calm and composure, even in stressful situations. Please join us!

Avoiding Emotional Turmoil

  • Through meditation, I have been able to maintain inner peace and stay calm without being swayed by emotions.

  • Consistently engaging in routine tasks allows me to focus without being affected by emotions, motivating me to keep doing this meditation.

  • Meditation helps me let emotions be without being carried away by them.

  • It has become easier to control my emotions and relax.

  • By letting emotions be during meditation, my mind becomes calm, and this effect continues even when I return to daily life.

Improved Relationships

  • Continuing meditation has improved my relationships with family, especially with my oldest daughter.

  • It allows me to naturally build good relationships with others without being caught up in emotions.

  • With being able to control my emotions, my relationships with family and friends have improved, allowing me to maintain inner peace.

The Power of Group Support

  • Working alongside like-minded individuals provides significant motivation.

  • Meditating together with people who share the same goals is encouraging.

  • New members also join, and everyone moves in the same direction.

  • The strength of the group greatly contributes to individual growth.

Self-acceptance and Personal Growth, Mental Health

  • Continuing meditation has led to a shift from quantity to quality, enabling me to maintain inner peace.

  • Through meditation, I can return to my center and stay calm.

  • Despite being on the borderline of anxiety disorder, meditation has been helpful.

  • No matter how difficult things get, cultivating an inner sanctuary helps me maintain inner peace.

  • Meditation allows me to return to my true self and experience a sense of unity with everything.

  • Through meditation, I am growing personally.

  • Even when facing family health issues and other tough situations, meditation has helped me maintain inner peace.

  • Incorporating meditation helps me regain my composure.

  • I have learned to accept things as they are without forcing change.

  • Through meditation, I can sleep peacefully at night without anxiety.

A participant shared the following:

"The biggest surprise and change I experienced was when I could stop reprimanding myself for getting emotional about things that happened. (I struggled with my strong emotions.) However, when I smell a fart, it is only natural to react, "It stinks!" without resisting that feeling. Knowing that the smell would soon disappear, I could then calmly focus on the task at hand without any emotions.

I used to believe that I had to think positively about everything, that I couldn't change others, so I had to change myself, or that everything that happened was my fault because of the law of attraction. I put a lot of pressure on myself, thinking that no matter how tough it was, it was just growing pains and I had to tough it out.

I feel so much more at ease because this practice allowed me to let go of these beliefs. I was also putting this pressure on others without even knowing it. As a result, my relationship with my daughter, which I had given up on because of our conflicts, has improved. Previously, I would constantly complain about issues with her, but recently, I have almost nothing to complain about. 

I'm truly amazed by this change and grateful for my friends sitting with me through this journey." M

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