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Simply Do It

Updated: 5 days ago

In the inner sanctuary, we practice sonomama meditation based on Zen that helps us build muscles to be as it is now. At the same time, what else can we practice for as-it-is-ness? We can practice it anytime, anywhere. Here, I want to introduce a way of daily practice by doing.

Do what is in front of you now. 

First, do what you are currently doing with care. If unrelated thoughts arise, let them be and focus on the task at hand. Keep your mind separate from your actions, and disregard things unrelated to what you're doing now. Instead of washing dishes to let go of the unrelated thoughts, wash dishes to wash dishes. When washing dishes, focus on washing dishes. Do what is necessary to wash the dishes. Although thoughts related to washing dishes may arise, let go of other thoughts and simply do what is in front of you. Keep your mind as it is, refrain from intervening, and do what needs to be done now.  Do what you do in front of you. 

Zen practice is 24 hours because all there is is the way it is now.

At Heather lake

Writing and Photography by K E I K O

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